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Cisco or Skype for Business? Do you have to choose?

Communicate with Synergy

Many companies have invested a significant amount of resources into Cisco hardware and training.  Today, some divisions within those companies are choosing to go with a Skype for Business solution.  The biggest issue has been the ability for these two communication systems to work together to maximize collaboration within the company as a whole.

With CallTower’s Synergy Solution, you can now seamlessly integrate Cisco technology with Skype for Business. CallTower has developed interoperability between the industry’s two leading solution providers, Cisco CallManager and Microsoft’s Skype for Business. Synergy delivers options by enabling business to utilize existing Cisco equipment and leverage CallTower’s Microsoft Skype for Business technology in harmony.


How Can CallTower Do This?

CallTower is unique in that they host both Cisco and Skype for Business communication systems.  CallTower’s mission is to enable people to connect and get work done.  Seeing the marketplace trends, CallTower’s development team did their magic and with Synergy, Cisco and Skype for Business can now talk to one another.

Enabling Different User Types

Cisco User

This type of user prefers to use their Cisco hardware to communicate.

They are able to: 

  • Look up the (Skype4B) employee in the phone directory
  • 4 digit dialing to ring Skype4B user


Skype for Business User

This type of user prefers to use Skype for business for collaboration.

They are able to: 

  • Look up employee in their Skype4B client and call them
  • Skype4B does not extension dial so they would dial by contact name

 Hybrid User

This type of user uses both Cisco hardware and Skype for business.

They are able to: 

  • IM and presence can be added if you go Cisco phone with Skype4B
  • One number for both Cisco and Skype4B
  • Use of both Cisco and Skype4B – ex Cisco office phone and Skype4B for remote
  • Access to both platforms to make inbound/outbound phone calls
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