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icn-connectCallTower Connect

A revolutionary tool enabling users to easily personalize and control their CallTower services

The Unifier in Unified Communications

CallTower Connect simplifies the set-up and management of CallTower services facilitated within one easy to use web or mobile application. Manage Cisco, Native Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, CT Cloud SIP, Email and Conferencing solutions interchangeably by user based within a location. CallTower Connect is the unifier in unified communications.

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Power in Personalization

CallTower Connect places powerful communication tools within an easy to use application. A few clicks are all it takes to customize many phone features. Setting speed dials no longer requires complicated 10 key sequences or navigating through multiple menus on a phone. Personalize your handset within minutes by assigning regularly called contacts to one-touch buttons on any Cisco telephone handset.

CallTower Connect

Built for Speed

CallTower Connect is built from the ground up for speed and ease of use.  The application is launched from a web browser by an end user or company administrator to add or manage CallTower hosted services such as Cisco and Microsoft products including: Native Skype for Business, Teams, Exchange, SharePoint, and Contact Center Solutions.

Ease the Load

Corporate administrators work load will decrease as users gain access to a simplified panel where quick changes such as call forwarding, password management, Skype for Business conference PIN changes, speed dial button assignments and personalizing voicemail profiles can be made without a call to support.

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Learn the In’s and Out’s

With regular webinars and online videos available within CallTower University, learning how to use CallTower Connect is easy. CallTower’s knowledgeable support agents are ready and willing assist 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 a year.

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UC Analytics

UC Analytics seamlessly provides you with granular details through CallTower Connect.  This key UCaaS integration enables you to more strategically achieve company goals. You can dive into IM/Presence reporting, activity by medium and meeting type, as well as build and schedule your own reports based on your business requirements.

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Organizations Have the Power

Within CallTower Connect, organizational administrators can manage company locations, users and phones, assign phone numbers from available inventory as well as configure auto-attendants, voicemail settings and even add new solution features like; Audio Conferencing, Hunt Groups, Auto Attendants, AD-Sync and Password Sync.

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icn-connect-mobile CallTower Connect User Mobile

CallTower users can download a free mobile app, CallTower Connect User Mobile, which is available in App Stores from Apple and Google. This easy to use application will help you stay connected to your CallTower services where ever you are.  Access the power of your Corporate Directory and make a call or send an email with one click. No more worrying about constantly updating the built in address book in your mobile phone as the corporate directory is updated by your CallTower Connect administrator in real time.

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Connect User Mobile

Manage CallTower services on the go. Don’t wait to get back to your office to forward that important call from your desk phone to your cellphone any longer.

Mobile App Features:

  • Call or Email directly from the Corporate Directory
  • Forward a line to any extension or outside number
  • Add or Edit speed dials assigned to buttons on a phone
  • Reset your password
  • Manage Skype for Business settings
  • Manage Mobility settings

CallTower easily integrated conferencing with Skype for Business. The CallTower team was proven, knowledgeable and the overall implementation and training plan was clear and concise.

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